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Welcome to Scholar Classes

Dear Students,

You have entered the most important phase of your life. The next few years will shape your future. Every parent loves his child and wishes to provide him the best quality education to enable him reach his fullest potential. We at Scholar Classes IIT & Medical believe in providing uncompromised quality.SCHOLAR CLASSES strives to be a world leader in the creation and innovative application of engineering solutions to medical and health problems. An important aspect of this future of health care will be the creation and application of engineering technologies in order to provide these new approaches to transform the management of various disorders faster, less expensively, safer, and with fewer side effects. 

In the past years, we have helped thousands of students achieve their dream of getting into IIT's and other top global universities . Our innovative pedagogy of learning, being followed Scholar Classes has evolved over the years and has enabled our students achieve top ranks in IIT-JEE, AIEEE, International Olympiads.

Provides an ideal solution to this need of preparing for Boards and Competitive Exams: Under one roof and excellent faculty for both, thus saving his precious time and effort and enabling him to get sufficient time for self study, which is a must for competitive exams.

It is our mission to instill Passion, Channelize Achievement, deliver on our Commitments and pursue Excellence in every endeavour and we strive to pass this on to our students.

I wholeheartedly welcome you to the family of Scholar Classes IIT & Medical.All three young & dynamic people have a nice academic achievements & years of teaching experiences. With the inauguration of Scholar Classes , a need was fulfilled in this region. Starting from the ground work, within a short span of time, it has been successful started now in producing toppers students.To enhance their competitive potentiality & ability of the student to ensure their desire to select with highest top ranks in prominent engineering and medical college of the country.

I wholeheartedly welcome you to the family of Scholar Classes IIT & Medical